Why You Did Not Receive a Call Back from the Hiring Manager?
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Why You Did Not Receive a Call Back from the Hiring Manager?

You applied for a job and faced the interview. But you did not receive a call back from the hiring manager. Does this fact sound like a commonly occurring scene? Yes, but were you able to figure out why such things happen. There can be obvious reasons: either you made a significant mistake in your resume or cover letter or the employer had its own reason. It is good to know the most common reasons why you did not receive a call back from the hiring manager.

“Apply, apply, and apply, but no reply!” Is this what you have been experiencing with your attempt to find a suitable job? Waiting for response to your job application can be quite frustrating at times. No matter you found a job description matching closely with your skills and expertise, you may still end up with a long pause from the other side. So, why you did not receive a call back from the hiring manager?

Experts say, “Analyzing the reasons why you may not have received a response after applying for a job can be used as a tool to improve the chances of getting through a job.”  Let’s analyze then!

After you have sent your resume and a cover letter for a job, the count begins. In the initial days, you may still feel that your resume is still under the screening phase and you most likely wake up early everyday to hear the interview call. But, not hearing for a few days from the hiring manager after the interview is over gets on personal with each moving day. And, you reach a point questioning yourself.

  • Had you dressed up well during the interview?
  • Was your body language proactive?
  • Did you smile enough in front of the interview panel to show you were comfortable?

And so on!

However, the reasons can be something else and most possibly one of the following:

You did not follow up after the interview day – It is not necessary or a rule that the employer has to update you on the status of your interview. You should follow up with them if it is getting late. The employer may still be examining your interest for the job and unless you follow up in such cases, you give a sign of ignorance. So, be proactive and follow up with professional etiquette.

The employer may need more time – A job that you applied for may be one that you needed soon. But, from the employer’s perspective it may not be the same. Having adequate time in hand, the employer may be screening other candidates to see who fits the bill more closely. It is not a problem, and so there is no solution you can think of. But, follow up to get a visibility of the likely status.

The manager in charge may be on a vacation – One of the common reasons that employers do not get back to candidates is that the hiring manager is on a long vacation. If you have gone through the hiring processes closer to a vacation period in the company, you are most likely to see a delay in their response. Have patience!

The company may have other priority goals to look into – A peak time in a company where the managers have other predefined priority tasks can be another reason for not getting back to you. It is equally important to understand that your hiring process involves many other people at the higher level who you may not have faced during your interview. And, needless to mention the busy schedules of people in the higher management.

Your resume and cover letter may have incorrect contact information – In many cases, as experts have observed, the contact information of candidates is not updated with the recent details. While you may have gone through the bits and pieces of work experience and objectives in your resume, you may left your contact details with your old communication details and contact numbers. Although you may have got through the job, the hiring manager had no choice to withdraw your candidature if your contact details are incorrect.

The employer may have offered the job to someone more suitable – Most employers would not update you even though the job offer is extended to some other candidate. You may get a response only when you call them up to check if you should still wait to hear from the employer on your status.

The employer may have frozen hiring new people – Considering the drastic changes in the economy and budget, at times employer freeze the hiring process despite they proposed an opening earlier. Such changes happen at the higher levels in the company and there is not mandate to announce the new to all the candidates who applied for the job. This is one sound reason why you do not hear from the hiring manager. 

No matter what is responsible that you did not receive a call back from the hiring manager, it is always hard to digest that you did not get the job. So, be prepared the next time to ensure you follow the basics while applying for a job and facing an interview. 

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