Unprofessional Job Interview Tactics Every Job Hunter Should Avoid In the Interview Room
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Unprofessional Job Interview Tactics Every Job Hunter Should Avoid In the Interview Room

Unprofessional job interview tactics are often employed by some job hunters in the hope that they would get the job. Such unethical behaviors are uncalled in the interview room; and should be avoided at all cost. In this article, I have showcased some common unethical interview tactics often employed by some job hunters.

Some job hunters will do everything and anything to land a job offer. I have seen this happen often. Such job seekers don’t care about professionalism as long as they get what they want. They do believe that they could use their physical attributes or craftiness to achieve this goal.

While there might have been a record of success with landing a job by paying one or more of the recruiting officers in cash or kind, it doesn’t always work and you will live with that feeling all your life that you don’t really deserve that job. Aside this, you might end up embarrassing yourself and losing a job offer you would perhaps have gotten.

In this article, I will showcase some unethical job interview tactics I have personally witnessed and some from my colleagues in the field. Some might generate some laughter but it’s not a funny affair.

Interview Tactics You Must Avoid At All Cost

  • Begging for the job

This is one of the most common unprofessional tactics employed by many a job seeker. They start begging you to grant them the job offer. Some even go as far as kneeling down or prostrating just to have an advantage. While this may show that you are serious it could be really embarrassing. Job interviews are not emotional or personal affairs. Show the stuffs you have and things would probably go in your favor. Remember that no firm wants to employ a beggar.

  • Seducing the recruiting officer

This is another tactics used by job hunters, especially the female applicants. Some tend to believe that their beauty could get them the job if they happen to pay in kind. Well, I really sympathize with such ladies. Some recruiting officers do sometimes take undue advantage and there is no guarantee that you will get the job; unless you have to seduce the person who makes the final decision.

  • Getting too comfy with the interviewers

Some interviewers could be really friendly in order to make you relax and get some information from you. You should watch out. No need to get too comfortable and start cracking jokes or discussing relationship issues or your club side.

  • Using Bribery

Some persons sometimes go as far as offering bribes to the recruiting officers. This could turn out awry for you as you might be handed over to security. Don’t initiate a bribe. It is not necessary as you could land the job without offering a bribe. The risk with a bribe offer is that if it doesn’t go your way, you have lost out at that very moment; and with the risk of been handed over to security.

The above list may not be exhaustive, but am sure you do get the gist. Unprofessional antic and tactics to landing the job is a dicey affair that will most likely not turn in your favor. It’s always better you go the professional way.

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