Personal Attributes of a Great Church Secretary
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Personal Attributes of a Great Church Secretary

When looking for a truly great church secretary, there are certain personal attributes that equally as important as the candidate's professional skills and experience. Because of the numerous needs of both members of the congregation, and of those living in the local and surround community who do not have a church home, there are some important natural characteristics that will be imperative for the church secretary position.

Getting hired as a church secretary is not as cut-and-dried as one might think.   Finding someone with the right office skills and experience are a must of course, but there is so much more that goes into play when a pastor or church hiring committee considers the needs of the church at large. 

A church has been said to be, "A hospital for the sick soul."  Because of the numerous needs of both members of the congregation, and of those living in the local and surrounding community who do not have a church home, there are some important natural characteristics that need to be considered for the church secretary position. The professional skills required, as with any organization or company, will be set according to the responsibilities expected of the secretary, but equally important are the following personal attributes that will make for a really great church secretary:   

  •  Pleasant Phone Presence... As with any business, the first impression goes a long way.  Often times a great deal of courage has had to be gathered up for the caller to pick up the phone and make a call to a church.  It is imperative for the church secretary not only to be polite and helpful, but to answer the phone with a warmth that indicates to the caller that they have certainly done the right thing by calling the church.   
  • Friendly...Surely all secretary's should be friendly, but especially the one who sits behind the desk in a church office.  Great church secretaries instinctively understand and believe this to be true.  They will show a friendliness that is natural by their tone of voice, body language, willing spirit, and quick smile. 
  • Patience...Whether its a church member calling to ask for a phone number for the fifth time that day, an angry or irritating stranger who has dropped in with a benevolent need and demanding to be helped, or one of the church trustees asking for help five minutes before closing time, a great deal of kindness and patience is needed by the church secretary.  No exceptions!    
  • Compassionate...It stands to reason that anyone who would want to be a church secretary would be someone who is genuinely compassionate.  Unfortunately, even a compassionate natured church secretary can be worn down in certain circumstances.  Finding an individual whose references indicate a strong degree of compassion, mixed in with a natural leaning toward patience, is of the utmost importance in a great church secretary.


  • Good Listener...Good listening skills are essential.  The church secretary often finds that the individual on the phone, or the one who has unexpectedly dropped by the office, is in dire need for someone to listen to them.  Most likely they will want to speak with the pastor, but when this is not possible the church secretary must stop everything to be able to listen carefully, respond appropriately, and give the assurance that their concern will be shared with the pastor and that their need will not be overlooked or ignored.  In some instances, depending on the circumstances, the pastor may ask the church secretary to do the follow-up.  Even so, the secretary will do the follow-up as one representing the pastor, contact the individual to report the results, and once again do all this with good listening skills.  
  • Discrete...Many private conversations and situations come into the church office.   A great church secretary will be one with a reputation for being trustworthy in all things, but especially so in private matters.  The great church secretary will be dependably discrete in every way, non judgmental in anything that might be overheard, and able to refrain from showing shock or dismay. 

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