Negative Traits of an Employee
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Negative Traits of an Employee

Employee's negative traits can affect his relationship to other employees and his work performance as well.

• Punctuality issue. He always comes to work late or absent most of the time. A clear sign that he is not serious and interested in the work that he is in.

• He doesn’t know how to adjust and blend with the other employees that sometimes trigger conflicts within the workplace. In other words, he shows an unlikeable and undesirable personality.

• He refuses to render an overtime work.

• He has no initiative in performing his duties by himself. He always depends on others to instruct him on what to do next.

• He is a slow learner. Not smart and intelligent enough to grasp simple instructions.

• He does not possess leadership and decision making skills.

• He entertains gossips, rumors and likes minding other people’s personal business.

• He uses company’s time for his personal business.

• He doesn’t take responsibility for his own actions by putting the blame to others for his mistakes and failures. But he loves claiming credits that are not his.

• He gets and borrows other employees’ personal belongings without asking their persmissions.

• He is not open to new ideas, new learnings, new things and new methods. He sticks to the traditional way of doing things. He cannot adjust to changes.

• He is choosy to the type of work that is being assigned to him.

• He doesn’t practice professionalism in talking and dealing with his superiors, fellow employees and company’s clients and customers.

• He never runs out of excuses and alibis for not meeting deadlines on time.

• He discloses confidential data and information to other people who are not in any way connected with the company.

• He does not show loyalty to the company and patronizes the competing products instead.

• He is not well versed or familiar with his company’s products and services and when asked by customers, he could hardly give them the right and appropriate answers.

• He is disrespectful to his superiors and fellow employees.

• He always looks forward for payday but does not deliver the quality performance that is expected of him.

• He doesn’t cooperate well when working in a team. He is not open to suggestions and always finds something to criticize in other people’s opinion.

• He doesn’t know how to manage his personal hygiene and doesn’t seem to care how it affects other people in the workplace.

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wow, 85% of this sounds like me....