How to Land A Job
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How to Land A Job

It takes hard work to land a job in today's unpredictable market. Real talk. Workers must be real themselves if they plan on working for any type of employer. You must be their in person, talking, helping, live in action. You have give yourself an edge over the others who only applied. Show that you are different. Show this to the managers and top workers at the job. Talking to the managers in person can be key to getting job!

Getting a job could be easier or harder than you believe it is. Workers just need to be extracurricular and different from the competition. The average competition won't make it. That's why you have to be beyond average. Be extraordinary, matter of fact.

How to land a Job

Landing a job today is a lot simpler than folks think. But you can't have that I'm just going to apply and see what happens attitude. Workers have to really really want the job and be hands on and personable. If not, then what separates you from the other 30 to 50 expect ants applying along with you. Many of whom will have better resumes and education than you. So it is important to be extracurricular and stand out in other ways.

Talk to the Head Manager in Person

I cannot stress this enough. Talk to to the manager in person at least twice or three times a week. And not just any manager, but the head manager. He or she will get tired of seeing you and they will be forced to hire you anyway. Ha! I ain't lying. That's what I did.

But for real, the top manager is the main person in charge. They can hire you as fast as they want. And by talking to them, this will make you a more considerable candidate than those just applying.

Meet all job Requirements

In your application it is important that you meet any and all job requirements. Fulfilling these requirements will make that more attractive in the hiring process. Employers won't have a reason to shoot you down so you can anticipate a decision soon.

Following up on the Job

This is one of the more important stages of landing a job. Following up on the job shows the employer that still demand it and it show you are loyal if nothing else. Let your presence and character speak volumes of the kind of worker you are. And real talk. Try to follow up in person too. This will give the employer an even greater incentive to hire you. If a hiring freeze occurs, you can be the at the top of the list for the next hiring process.

Pray about it. And don't underestimate your skill. Good luck and go get 'em.








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