How an IQ Score Can Help Direct and Maximize Your Child's Potential Through Life
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How an IQ Score Can Help Direct and Maximize Your Child's Potential Through Life

IQ scores can be a tool to help you understand what your child's future can bring him. High or Low IQs can Still determine a pathfor the future development. It's all relevant.

Your child's IQ can be used to determine just what life you should help him prepare for. If his IQ is considered high, he can be directed through an educational path that can best utilize his potential as expressed by his IQ rating. If the chil's IQ is below norm, it can direct his path towards the special education and the special needs and tools necessary to live a life within his capabilities.

Intelligence Quotient or IQ is a term everyone seems to be familiar with. It is the number or score that is computed after a standard test has been administered. If a person scores high enough on the test, he will probably remember that score and regard it as his badge of superiority. If the score is not particularly high, or falls within the “normal” range, as is the case for most, the number is soon forgotten or exaggerated. No one likes to be classified as normal. It goes against human nature it seems.

The range of IQs, according to most testing standards is a number between 70 and 140. The former indicating brain dead, the latter Einstein like quality. It is computed by comparing a person's mental age with his chronological age. The actual definition is stated as 100 times the person's mental age divided by his chronological age.

The mental age is determined by the results of various standardised tests. The first intelligence test was the Simon-Binet rendition that dates back over 100 years. It has been updated and now called the Stanford-Binet IQ test. What must be understood about the results is that the findings are actually considered the relative intelligence of an individual and is not an exact science.

IQ is regarded more as a mental agility test . It measures the test results of the standardized tests in terms of how a person compares to individuals in his age group. Normal intelligence, or IQ where most humans fall is stated to be 100. Scores above 100 indicate an advanced IQ. Genius rating is a score of 140 or more.

One of the best uses of the IQ ratings are for educators to determine and predict a proper course of direction for a student's educational advancement. IIQ tests also serve as a means to determine a person's need for special attention with his studies and future development..

IQ can also be an amazing predictor of a person's earning potential and can tell a potential employer how effective a potential employee might be. Many highly rated companies, especially those in the technical fields require that IQ tests be administered by potential employees.

A good example of the predictability factor is the comparison of accomplishments in real life when measured against the IQs of the individuals within various IQ categories.

Medical doctors and those with Ph.D. degrees scored 125 College Graduates in general scored 112 College attendees who did not graduate 104 Sales and Clerical types 100-105

High school graduates and skilled workers 100 Truck Drivers and blue collar 90-95

Adults who do simple tasks - 40

Indications are that IQ testing can help both employees and employers find perfect niches for their capabilities and abilities. When applied to children, the same strategies apply. You can guide your child and help him realize his potential with either a high or low IQ.

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